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I’m so excited to share my recent trip to South Africa with you! There is so much to tell, it’s really hard to  even put into words to be honest. I’m jumping ahead of my scheduled post outline but these stinking cute penguins are just too cute not to share first! Boulder’s Beach is located about 45miles south of Cape Town. It’s an easy and scenic drive down to the coastline, a MUST see while in the area! Not only is this beach surrounded by hundreds of two legged wobbly friends but it’s also a quaint little beach town lined with ice cream shops and cute boutiques. You do have to pay to get on this beach along with the boardwalk that over looks hundreds of these guys but it’s only a few dollars and easy to locate. These African penguins are known as the “jackass penguin” thanks to their donkey like squawk, it’s hilarious actually hard to believe these little things can make that much noise. Watching these cute little things is an all day task, I’m pretty sure we could of just camped out with these cute little love bugs all night. Oh Cape Town, take me backkkkkkk!

Swim Top is from Aerie | Pink Bottoms are Tori Praver | Photography by Stacy Bauer Photography