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Gallery Prints- Ashley Cooper Designs

Frames- Framebridge

Pink Geometric Design- Target Paper Tape (it peels right off!)

Custom Desk Chair- Throne Upholstery

Desk- Target

Clear Binder Holder- Target

Black and White Stripe Binders- Target

Geometric Notebook- Marshalls

Pineapple- Forever 21

Kate Spade Pencil Holder

Ban.Do Pencils

Yellow Vase- Crate & Barrel

Mac Book Pro

Pink Succulent Holder

M Letter- Homegoods

Paris Style Guide / 100 Years of Fashion / The Fashion Guide Books

Ban.Do 2016 Planner

I am Very Busy iPhone Case

White Faux Fur Rug

Bleu (custom) Pillow- Aspen Lane

She (Quote) Book

Stripe Curtains- Crate & Barrel

Outfit Details- White Tank (Anthropologie) Pink Stripe Skirt, Vintage Find from Etsy , Wishbone Necklace, Michael Kors Watch

Photography- Stacy Bauer Photography 

Ahhhh I’m SO excited to finally share this little space of mine with you! I’ve dreamed of having my own space every since the beginning of and I’m happy to say it’s finally complete and 100% me. Thanks to my sweet husband for allowing me to have my own “wall of freedom” as I like to call. Since I share this space in our bedroom, can you imagine him having to look at this girly madness every night lol…oh the joys of marriage!

Seriously though, this space wouldn’t be possible without some of my dearest and most talented friends.

First, Ashley Cooper of Ashley Cooper Designs…where do I start with her amazing talents! Not only did this girl create one amazing logo for me she and I spent so many nights emailing back and forth to create this entire gallery wall. Every piece was designed by her and I couldn’t be more happy with the end result. Major thanks to you sweet friend, It’s amazing how the internet can bring you together, this girl is a friend for life!!

Framebridge! If you haven’t heard of them you are welcome, totally amazing company. Not only will they custom frame any photo or print but they also have a ton of frame options. To top it off they send you all the supplies you need for hanging your pieces. Love, love!

Heather from Thorne Upholstery– The queen of custom chair designs! I could seriously give you guys this whole speech on how obsessed we are with each other, like complete each other’s sentences and text non stop but I think you get the idea ha! No really though, once I saw her amazing designs on Etsy I knew I had to work with her on designing an office chair for my space. We went back and forth with fabric and design options and in the end decided to stick with one of my favorite color combinations, leaving me with the most special chair I’ve ever owned. Thanks so much love!

Now that I finally have this office complete I guess it’s time to actually get some work done, easier said than done right!

What do you think? How would you design your space, I would love to hear your ideas!

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