When in Rome!!
My husband and I have been to Europe a few times, but we really never had the chance to make it down to Rome. Since we were heading to Greece for a few weeks, we thought why not book our connecting flight threw a place we haven’t seen yet. Rome it was! We ended up with an eight hour layover, which doesn’t seem like enough time to see everything Rome has to offer but it turned out perfect! Since the airport is a little distance from the tourist sites, we booked a driver for a few hours  insure we hit all the important stops. Our driver was wonderful, born and raised in Rome he offered so much more insight of this beautiful city than you can read in a book. We had a full itinerary, but somehow each stop was better and the last. Even though we saw Rome in just a few hours, it was the perfect way for us to decide on whether we would plan a trip back. Which as you can see from the photos, it’s a no brainer!