Bookcase | Ikea ( painted it from black to gold)
Rug | Homegoods loving this one
Baskets ( on top) | Homegoods similar
Baskets ( Black/White) | Target 
Monogram Letters | Anthropoloige
Pink Baskets | Target ($1 section)
White Travel Boxes ( DIY) | Michael’s similar
Grey Boxes | Homegoods
Flower arrangement | Target
Gold Glass Tray | Homegoods loving this one
Turtle | Target 
Agate Rock | Homegoods
Camera ornament | Target
& Picture (DIY) 
You got mail sign (DIY cork board ) 
Black Magazine rack | Homegoods
Bar Glasses | Homegoods similar 
Studded Table | Homegoods similar similar   

I’m so excited to share my home with you over these next few weeks! 
Along with fashion, I also have a huge passion for interior design! 
My poor husband doesn’t have much of a say in this department…luckily he supports my gypsy/bright taste! 😉 
Just like my clothing choices I love bold colors and mixing prints, you will also notice this trend throughout my home. 
When designing this space in our apartment I started with this map, a gift from brother. 
Since my husband and I LOVE to travel this was the best gift for us, often times we find ourselves in front of this map planning our next adventure! 
This little corner of our apartment holds so many memories for us, just the perfect escape in our own home. 
Next week I will be sharing our bedroom!