Ohhh, Morocco! This trip was a last minute kind of plan which usually ends up better than expected. There was so many things I loved about Morocco and also so many things I wish we have been warned about before arriving. Morocco is so bright and vibrant in color, which hello…this girl loves color! The souks were beautiful filled with shoes, bags, lanterns and accessories in every shape and color you could ever imagine. The down side of Morocco is the people has no sense of personal space. While walking in Marrakech we were surrounded by so many locals grabbing us, putting bracelets on my wrist, chasing us with a monkey to even out of know where wrapping a snake around my husbands neck! I understand these people are trying to sell their goods and services to make a living but we were not a fan of this method. If you could have seen my husbands face with the snake around his neck, oh my goodness all I can say it was time for us to leave for the day lol. The mountains of Morocco on the other hand were truly stunning, this is where we did a camel ride. That was certainty the highlight our of trip. Hump Daaaayyy!