Cinque Terre, Italy. 
Where do I even start to explain my love for this magical place?!  
The pictures don’t do it justice. 
Cinque Terre is made up of five unique towns; hence – “Cinque Terre”. We stayed in Manarola, the 4th most Southern of the 5 towns.
 We couldn’t have chosen a more perfect town for us. Manarola was a perfect combination of small, quiet and picturesque – just what we like when we are ready for some R&R.
 Also, this is by far the BEST food I have had in Europe! Fresh seafood and perfect portions for short money. 
To complete a day of sightseeing, sunbathing, and taking pictures, we’d perch up on our balcony and watch the sunset with a local bottle of wine. 
This beautiful place is definitely one you need to mark on your bucket list. 
Thank you for the memories, Cinque Terre; we will be back!

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